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Altena Elgard Ratis (エルガルド・ラティス・アルテナ, Erugarudo Ratisu Arutena) is the princess who summoned Genzō to the new world to fight the beasts


Altena is a beautiful young girl with long blond hair and wears a white dress with white sleeves. She owns a curvy body and bright skin.


Altena is a kindhearted, shy, masochistic princess. At first, she felt ashamed and angry when people see her butt and underwear. After being used to that, Altena feels aroused when people call her "Buttocks Princess" or see her rear.


Altena summoned a "hero", Genzo Shibata in order to help them fight the evil beasts and demon king. But unfortunately, Genzo was animal lover, so hearing her asking him to fight animals, he got angry and performed a German suplex on her, leaving her unconscious.


  • Despite being a princess, Altena is strong enough to be a wrestler. In the anime, she overpowered Heat Haze while training. and she like her costume now episode 11