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Celes (セリス, Serisu) is a half-human, half-lizard beastman, she approaches Genzō to become his apprentice. After initially turning down her request, he eventually agrees after he realizes she's part lizard and that her belly and midsection are scaly.


Celes has lime eyes, blue hair with a pretty face. Her body is voluptuous and attractive. As a lizardman, Celes has scales on stomach and back. She is seen wearing a combat suit when she first came to Genzo and a bodysuit when she trains.


Celes is a determined, strong-willed and friendly woman. She got angry when the male adventurers harassed her but easily forgave them after they apologized. Celes showed efforts while training with Genzo as she wanted to prove herself to other guild adventurers. She also seemed shy when Genzo discovered her scales on her belly but later surprised when he did not disgust her.


  • Hand-to-hand Combat: Celes is a skilled adventurer. She defeated beasts in the wrestling tournament.
  • Weapon skills: Celes is seen using daggers in the fight with a guild adventurer.


  • Limited Strength: Celes's strength is only on par or slightly stronger than humans.


  • Although she only trains wrestling with Genzo, she showed to have skills with daggers.