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Genzo Shibata (柴田 源蔵 Shibata Genzō), aka the Animal Mask (ケモナーマスク Kemonā Masuku), is one of the main characters of Kemono Michi series. He is a professional wrestler who dreamed of opening his own pet shop.


As a professional wrestler, Genzo is a tall and very muscular man. In his Kemona Mask persona, his ring atire consisted of spandex shorts, a cape, laced up boots, and a dog mask.


Despite finding great success as a wrestler, Genzo's real dream was to open a pet shop so he could share with the world the joy of living with animals. Genzo's love of animals is so great that even suggesting harm to one is enough to be on the receiving end of one of his many wrestling moves.


Genzō Shibata is a famous pro wrestler, better known in the world of wrestling as Animal Mask.

The night of the match for the title of World Champion, he's suddenly teleported into a fantasy world by a princess, who asks him to act as a beasts killer and free the kingdom from every evil beast infesting its forests. However, Genzō is also a true animals' lover, and he immediately refuses the order, knocking out the princess with a German suplex and leaving the castle.

Alone in a new world, Genzō sides very soon with the wolf-girl Shigure, joining alongside her to the local guild and starting a new career as a beasts hunter. However, instead of killing them, his goal is to befriend and capture as many monsters as possible, in order to realise his greatest dream: become the owner of a pet shop.


  • Enhanced Strength/Peak Human Condition: Kemono Mask is exceptionally strong. He easily overwhelmed Carmilla - a vampire or defeated Orc King - the most powerful orc.
  • Zoology: As an animal lover, Genzo has lots of knowledge about animals. He effortlessly domesticates beasts by fondling them or giving them fruits.
  • Indomitable Will: Genzo is fearless. He determined to protect and take care of his pets and never rejected a challenge as a pro wrestler.
  • Disguise: Taking off the mask and changing outfits, people (except Shigure) couldn't recognize Genzo as "the pervert".


  • Animal Obsession: Due to being obsessed to animals, Genza sometimes has dumb or weird actions.


  • Before being summoned by the princess, he had a fight. In manga it is said that this fight took place on 11/26/2016, a Saturday.
  • In chaper 44, he and naked Hanako were seen unconscious next to each other after a fight, suggesting that he could fight equally against dragon form Hanako.