Lindabrea Fafnir Gildmerag (ファフニール・ギルドメラグ・リンダブレア Fafunīru Girudomeragu Rindaburea), subsequently nicknamed Hanako (花子, Hanako) by Genzo, is one of the main female protagonists of the series.


Hanako is a petite girl with fair skin. She has short pink hair and yellow eyes. Being a dragon girl, Lindabrea got a pair of red dragon horns and a dragon tail. Hanako often wears a red noble dress with white stockings.


Hanako is a dragon and sole heir of a noble family who left her castle to know the world. Even if she appears like a child with dragon horns and tail, she's quite strong and resistant, while her endless hunger pushes her to eat anything she sees. She joins Genzo to fulfill her dream to taste the meat of every single monster in the world.


Hanako can't hold down her gluttony. She would try eat any creature that she sees and only rejected to eat griffins or orc, troll meat. She is interested in Genzo and joined him to fulfill her dream to taste the meat of every single monster in the world. She also cares for her maid, Carmilla as she would kneel down before Joanna in order to keep the maid.


Unable to stand anymore orc meat, troll meat or goblin meat, the noble dragon escapes her palace to try delicious cuisine. She meets a weird pet store owner and joins him to taste all kinds of food around the world.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: Hanako is one of the most powerful being in the series. She defeated Joanna, a powerful vampire countless times in the past and knocks down Carmilla multiple times when the maid displeases her.
  • Transformation: Hanako can transform into a giant dragon.
  • Intimidation: She is showed to be scary for Joanna and Rose in some occasions.
  • Flight: As a dragon, Hanako can fly.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Insatiable Hunger: Though unknown reasons, Hanako is always hungry.


  • Her family name is named after the Norse dragon Fafnir. Who was originally a dwarf that so greedy he transformed into a a serpent/dragon.
  • So far the only meat/food in the series that Hanako has actually rejected eating is the Griffin.



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