Heat Haze (陽炎 Kagerō) is the strongest adventurer in the Hunter Guild that Genzo Shibata joined.


Heat Haze has a dark red hair with yellow eyes and large scar on his nose.


Heat Haze is friendly and willing to join parties with smaller and weaker adventurers, splitting the reward in order to help them. He wanted to help out Genzo, but since he kept calling him the demon beast killer, he got knocked out by Genzo.


Heat Haze overheard that Genzo was planning on doing a salamander quest. Since the quest is tough and Genzo looked like newbie, he decided to help and join parties with him, splitting the reward. He was willing to do it, in order to celebrate Genzo's first victory and Shigure was excited and accepted. But after Heat Haze said he will kill the salamander with a single stab from his sword, Genzo got angry he was beast killer and knocked him out. As he dropped his sword, Shigure pretended that someone must had forgotten it and took it for herself.


He always somehow obtains legendary weapons like: Muramasa, Gae Bolg, Durandal,... but in the end got knocked by Genzo and the weapons are taken and sold by Shigure.

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