Misha (ミーシャ, Misha) is a catgirl beastman and considers Wolfgang von Kraftman as brother.


Misha is a young girl with short blond hair. She has cat ears on top of her head and a tail. She wears a bikini top, short pants and her g-string showing and long stockings. She has a fishbone tattoo on her stomach.



Misha and Wolfgang von Kraftman met Genzo Shibata and saw his pet dog Hiroyuki. Since they haven't seen such animal before, they though they could steal it and sell it. But as they spoke with Genzo, they got scared by his creepy smile and tried leaving, but it was too late. Genzo tackled Wolfgang and Misha wasn't able to take him off, until Genzo was satisfied rubbing and sniffing him. Genzo then got his attention to Misha, but lucky for her, he heard Shigure and Edgar and made Shigure his priority. After he knocked Edgar too, they made a run

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