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Shigure (シグレ, Shigure) is one of the main female protagonists of the series.


One of Genzo's partners, Shigure is an extremely greedy and ambitious wolf girl whose dream is to become rich. However, her terrible sense for affairs made her lose a big amount of gold she had received on loan from a group of loan sharks, forcing her to sign a contract as a slave to repay her debt. After having been saved by Genzo, she joins him in his quest to become a famous beast hunter, in order to collect enough money to realize her dream.


Shigure loves money so she is usually greedy and scrimp. She usually "innocently picks up" Heat Haze's weapons to sell them for money. Shigure also feels excited when Clause wants to start a tournament or when Genzo completes a quest since she could get money. Shigure sometimes seems to have low self-esteem when she takes the "weapons someone dropped" or when she cried and begged Edgar to lend her money by pawning herself. Despite all of that, Shigure is kindhearted, caring ,and supportive. She willingly gave Genzo her saving money to get Hiroyuki back. Although she complains about Genzo wasting money and "adopting many girls", she supports him to be a pet store owner and create a world where beasts and human can live together.


Shigure is a slender wolfgirl with grey hair and light blue eyes. She has wolf ears and tail. IO many occasions, Shigure wears a blue skirt, white warm clothes ,and a scarf-like cape.


After being "saved" by Genzo from being "sold", she became one of Genzo's followers, and has since referred to Genzo as "Master", becoming an employee at Genzo's pet store.

As the only character who actually cares about the financial state of Genzo's pet store, Shigure is known for her expertise in operating a business as well as her love for money. She is also shown to be in constant disgust towards Genzo's over-the-top love for animals, despite referring to Genzo as her "Master".

Although Shigure's primary reason for working under Genzo is to "pay off her debt through labour", it doesn't seem like she will be leaving Genzo any time soon.


  • Enhanced Speed: Shigure can run extremely fast, she helped teaching Celes moving in combat.
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell: Shigure has the ability to identify scents with greater precision than the average human being.



  • Shigure appears to always take swords from Heat Haze and saying "Oh, Did someone forget their sword?" every time they meet.